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In setting out to conquer 'mind-share' and secure 'heart-share,' our revolutionary Idea Generation Process (IGPTM) positions our agency at the leading-edge of consumer trends, allowing client businesses to gain traction and secure vital brand-share.

Our IGP is based on a synergistic approach to:
  • Consulting - Understanding client requirements and circumstances and clearly interpreting expectations through engagement that brings clarity of thought to the process;

  • Brand Strategy - Grasping such expectations, we pool our diverse resources to address the branding process, formalising a holistic approach to challenges. Thus, brand strategy is born;

  • Idea Engineering - Crystallising the 'Big Idea' and leveraging off the Brand Strategy gives it a personality and character profile. The 'Big Idea' thus forms the foundation around which all elements revolve and the process becomes tangible;

  • Idea Implementation - Implementing is brought to the fore, with the entire process coming to life through the meticulous application of pre-determined control mechanisms, agreed by the client; and

  • Results - Ensuring the successful synergy between client expectation, agency interpretation and market reaction, our core business.  

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